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Check Out My FAQs

My cat needs to go to the vet. Can you take her?

Enter the Answer to your Question here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly, and consider adding examples. This can help your visitors get the help they need quickly and easily.

My cat needs fluids.  Are you able to administer them?

I am able to administer fluids for an additional fee.

Will you do other services around the house such as taking out garbage and emptying mail boxes?

Other tasks such as mail, adjusting blinds and lights, taking out garbage/recycling/green waste, and watering plants will be done during visits.

What can I expect from a home visit by Kitty Conjugals?

I will feed and water your kitty/kitties, as well as maintain their litter boxes, and clean up any messes.  I will play with them, give them treats at your discretion, and take photos to show you how they are doing via email. I know from personal experience that whenever I have left my kitties, I always fret a little bit, so I know you will like to get those updates.

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